Saturday, December 21, 2013

El Dorado

El Dorado.

Is it the lost city of gold?

Or a land yacht?

Nope. It's a tired old ranch house. Dubbed the El Dorado due to it's mammoth proportions. Built in 1957, its almost 10% larger than its peers with a two car garage and an unheard of two full baths.

Yet another of the 30,000 homes built by the brothers Campanelli between 1947 and 1960.

Our offer was accepted and come early January the fun will begin.

It was just three short days ago when our realtor called to tell us that a house would be on the market the following day and "it would go fast." She wasn't kidding. The place was crawling with contractors and ours was one of ten bids. 

While I was not on hand for the viewing, apparently the Mr. encountered our down the street neighbor who also happens to be in the business of fixing up houses. I am told the following conversation ensued.

Mr: What are you doing here? 

Neighbor: What are YOU doing here?

Mr: Get out of here.

Neighbor: YOU get out of here.

Mr: No YOU!

Neighbor: Yo Momma!

Or some such. All in good sport, though, right? He's a nice enough chap.

The house had one owner who passed away in August. It's a tired old thing, but it "only" needs windows, doors, boiler, kitchen, baths, floor coverings, wall painting, trim, siding, garage doors, and other this and that. What it doesn't need is a new roof, electrical, major landscaping, or any walls moved about. 

Even still, it is bigger than previous houses the Mr. has worked on and oh so worn out.

Here's the living room.

And the kitchen. 

The photos are from the real estate listing. I'll be in to do a full "before" pass after we hand over a shockingly large back of cash in return for keys.

Who knows? With real estate prices going the way they are maybe this one will be our El Dorado.


  1. Lived in an "El Dorado" for + years in Arizona and loved almost every minute of it! We were the second owners, there had never been "dogs or children living in this house" according to the proud original owner. We fixed that! And lots of other things. Including the "Sunset Living Modern kitchen of " complete with built in food processor motor and all the fittings including the sausage grinder and stuffer.

    Learned a lot from that house! Hope you and the Master get some joy (and profit) out of this one

  2. BaaaaaWaaaah WE have THREE Full Baths in our house.

  3. My first thought when I looked at the listing was, "That's a decent sized house." :-) No El Dorado for us (unless you're talking land yacht - and it would have to be in awesome condition), in our neighborhood, I don't think you're allowed to build unless your plans are for at least 3500 sqr ft, (Which, of course, means we have WAY more house than we need.... And also explains why Bufus the cat had his own FLOOR in the house - not just his own room, but an entire floor! Heehee.)

    -Dr. Liz, who just shuts the doors to most of the rooms we don't use and pretends they don't exist!

  4. Keep the lost city El Dorado, and the ranch house. I'll take the Cadillac.

  5. We can't wait to see the progress shots!