Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No More Houses this Year

Well, things aren't looking good for getting another house this year. Goodness but people are paying an awful lot of money for very little house these days.

We've come close on a couple, but were outbid by folks who reckoned they could fix things up faster and cheaper. No doubt. The Mr. has certain standards and so do I. We looked at a house that had been "fixed up" by one of those quick turn artists. Blech. Shoddy finish, cheap materials. Makes me feel sorry for the home buyer, but there you go.

Fear not, though, plenty of work right here at our estate. Plus the Mr. is working on his illustrated guide to home improvements!

Thinking of roofing? Here's all the stuff you'll be carting up the ladder. No thanks.

Chock full of useful information, amusing stories, and helpful illustrations.

Oh that feeling when you're backing up along the ridge and suddenly your feet are dangling in space.

We'll keep looking, but right now, might be time to hunker down for the winter and see if there's enough cash on hand to build that home theater in the basement. Of course finishing the basement isn't all that costly, but outfitting it with absurdly large TV, surround sound, and theatre seating is another matter.

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