Sunday, January 12, 2014

Informative Book Excerpt on the Topic of Construction Wardrobe

Here’s a good place to discuss an age old problem, prevalent, but not restricted to construction sites. I’m talking about plumber’s crack. Those of us who over the years have managed to expand our midriffs without proportionately expanding our hips, fall victim to this malady. Fortunately the Captain isn’t one of us. As you may have surmised from the sketches so far, I am. This phenomenon, (which can’t be unseen), is the result of when a man of my proportions kneels down. The pants go down while he shirt rises up. 

Don’t despair! There’s help! I’ve experimented with many alternative clothing combinations, and found a solution. Of course I could always join Weight Watchers and lose weight. (very unlikely).  

I’ve tried long tail t shirts, high waisted jeans, suspenders, and at last bib overalls. Once again I refer you to the sketches. You already know the option I’ve chosen. Bibs may look silly, but provide quite a few advantages. Most importantly, your butt doesn’t show, you have a slot for your pencil, large pockets for your tape, a built in hammer loop, and you can hang a screw gun from your waist (if you can find it) without your pants falling down. Best of all, the drippings from the large pizza you just consumed for lunch won’t stain your shirt. (unless you wipe your mouth with your sleeve). As a man of size, I find the latter reason the most helpful. 


  1. Brian, I think your fashion sense is spot-on.

  2. I think this should be mandatory reading for all contractors and DIY-ers. Because as is so wisely pointed out above, once seen, there are things that can never be unseen.

    -Dr. Liz, who thinks bib overalls is a much more logical solution than joining Weight Watchers ;-)

  3. WE suffer from the Sight of... Plumber's Vertical SMILE... on a DAILY Basis here on Our Hill... You may have seen a SHOT or 87 of it. WE even made a HowlOween Pumpkin butt this year. If you can't avoid it... Embrace the thingy... SMILE and enjoy it.

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