Sunday, February 2, 2014


When I got there, Peter was standing at the door, sporting the kind of smile usually reserved for children on Christmas morning. When he led me inside I immediately felt an emotion hitherto reserved for my children and Mrs. Carpenter. I fell in love.

Crowded into one corner of his barn stood Big Bertha. She was magnificent. A 24" throw, 16" blade, 220V, 50AMP cast iron beauty. She was built in 1952 (almost as old as I), her brass bearings and depth gauge just crying out "polish me." No one I knew had such a monstrosity. No one dared to dream this big.

- How Hard Could it Be?


  1. The only difference between MEN and BOYS... is the Price of their TOYS...

  2. Our dad would be surfing Craigs List to find one just like it for himself!

  3. It's not a "one of a kind", but it's rare. You ladies can laugh all you want. Most of the guys know what I'm talking about.