Sunday, February 9, 2014

House 4 - Sneak Preview

If all goes according to plan, we will hand over a big bag of cash and in return get the keys to House #4 this week. In advance of the closing, the Mr. and I paid a visit to the place to check that it is still in the same shape it started in and begin formulating plans.

It's really a great house. Three bedrooms, two full baths, a big honking two car garage and a wowsa kitchen.

Behind the kitchen is a room opening on to a three season porch. The plan is to incorporate the room and the kitchen into one giant family action area.

While I personally think a "three season" porch in New England is nonsense, our realtor told us to keep it. I have to admit that the ceiling is way cool awesome.

Both bathrooms will be completely done over. No more turquoise tub (although I'm still waiting for 1950's era colors to become all the rage again).

Gracious living room with a fireplace that is actually in a reasonable location. Those big windows, however, will be replaced by a set of normal windows (that actually open and close). Gosh, I could feel the heat from the house being sucked out all that glass.

And of course.... the chandelier in the dining area (with more big stupid heat leaching headed for the dumpster windows).

This project is both scary and exciting. It's a bigger house than we've tackled in the past which means we paid more for it and the repairs will also cost more. So I've got the usual icky feeling associated with putting so much at risk.

But our realtor assures us that the upside is also big, so away we go.


  1. I love the idea to make the kitchen and sun porch one big room. It's going to be fabulous! I can't wait to see it finished!

  2. I'll admit to being mystified by a '3 season' porch. What happens to it in the 4th season? Does it fold up like a tent? Which season is this 4th season in which the porch is not allowed to participate? Is it mosquito season? Football season? Tell me more! BTW, I love the attached counter/bar in the kitchen that was clearly stolen from the Jetsons! ;-)

    -Dr. Liz, who finds it hard to believe that a two car garage can be considered big... (Keep in mind we've got a 5 car garage, or possibly a 6 car garage if one of the cars is a MINI...)

  3. We LOVE the big windows! Mom and Dad keep promising to buy us a house with big floor to ceiling windows and a sun room. This house is way cool! Mom is loving the green kitchen, tile bathroom, large floral wallpaper. Hmmm, might just have to move. This house looks like it has a lot of things we have been looking for and it's already got a head start on the decor. Only one problem...the neighbors. A little scary. Wish we could find something similar.