Sunday, March 9, 2014

House 4, Week 3 - Demolition

Since it's been a couple of weeks since my last update, I'm going to indulge in some extra photos.


A quick check of the dumpster indicates that a lot has been going on.

As in the previous post, I'm going to start at the far end of the house and work my way down. 

The smaller bathroom has been gutted, with the tile and the appliances removed.

Not surprisingly, the wall behind the shower stall was damp and punky. Hey, leaks happen. Nothing the Mr. can't handle.

Since the linen closet shares a wall with the shower, well, it's kind of icky nasty too and showing signs of dampness (ok, rot).

In the dining area, you can see that Helper David completed his carpet removal and that there has been some messing about with the framing of the kitchen wall.

Not much to report in the living room other than the carpet is up and the saw is set up. 

I will note that with the carpet removed, the damp smell in the house has worsened. No doubt 50 years of spills and leaks soaked into the carpeting. Fear not, it will all smell like fresh paint before long.

The kitchen. Not quite as nice as before.

To the left you can see the framing for the stackable washer / dryer cupboard and a small pantry. The corner area will be boxed in and serve as a plumbing chase. Kitchen corner cabinets are such a waste. Seriously, there just isn't any way to configure them for easy access, so for this kitchen, there just won't be a corner.

Can you read the writing? Dishwasher, sink, it's all planned out. 

Evidence that Gerry No Crack the plumber has been by. Never know when you'll need an elbow joint.

The kitchen from a different angle. 
See the boxes along the ceiling? The Mr. got this idea on the last project. He runs the plumbing through those chases. It avoids having pipes in the attic where they could freeze and also where it is a total pain to work. Once the kitchen cabinets are installed, you won't even see them. Nifty!

Just a reminder that, as with all our project houses, the boiler is in the kitchen. Yup, it's in there, chugging away and inefficiently burning oil.

Soon to be replaced by this little number. Froggy the heat guy came in and setup the new boiler so it will be ready to connect when the time comes. It's so pretty and shiny. 

I happened to be there when John the Junk Man came by. He pretty much just cruises the hood looking for things he can sell for scrap. I'd much rather have him take the old appliances and get a few bucks than pay to have them removed.

Oh, and all you Crossfit junkies take note. You want to get in shape? Try being a junk man. John is 60 years old and looks to weigh about 160 and he was tossing ovens, dryers, and dishwashers up on that truck like nobody's business (OK, he did get a hand from the Mr. for the washing machine, but even so). 

Still too much snow to explore the outside, but who knows, maybe next week...


  1. Hey, that looks just like our furnace! What a huge job and we look forward to seeing all of the great progress that the Mister and his crew will make!

  2. This looks like the biggest project that has been done so far.

  3. We definitely need to hire the Mr. and his crew to come demolish our house and start over. :-)

    -Dr. Liz, who loves the land the house sits on, but thinks the building inspector who approved the house should be drawn and quartered...