Sunday, March 16, 2014

House 4, Week 4 - tons of photos

Today I have 21 photos. That's a lot, I know, but I have a lot to show you, so let's begin.

With the melting snow, I was finally able to get to some outdoor pictures.

Standing on the far back corner of the lot. There's that useless porch sticking out. The good news is that the roof seems to be in fine repair.

But look closely at the ground in the photo above because it reveals a feature of this property that I didn't mention before. Let's zoom in a bit.

Yes, friends, half of the back yard is actually covered in blacktop. Why, why, why????

Our best guess is that the previous owners had a daycare of sorts at some point. What else would explain an area of pavement almost as large as the footprint of the house? Ugh, we'll deal with that later.

The property abuts the metro-west aqueduct, so nothing but woods behind.

Flamingos! I think some of those will be headed for our estate.

The unpaved portion of the back yard. A bit of cleanup. We'll see what grows in the spring (if that ever comes).

Last backyard shot, this one from the opposite corner. Nice seesaw.

For completeness, the side.

And the front...

Not feeling the love for the neighbor next door. Boats, RVs, what the heck? I'm hoping it's all in the water or on the road when it's time to sell our house. 

OK, time to go inside.

Nothing to do with all the rotted wood around the shower stall in the master bath, but rip it out. The door is actually the door to the linen closet. The closet used to be there, right next to the shower, but the walls were rotted, so out they came.

Hey, there's Helper Mike. The plumbing in the Master Bath is underway and Mike is peeking through the medicine cabinet slot from the main bath.

Helper David was on the job too and he ripped out all the door jambs, among other things.

See what I mean about the linen closet? Nothing there, but there will be.

And the usual demolition type stuff in the main bath.

The old boiler is still hooked up and still in the kitchen (where else). Nasty looking thing, isn't it?

Gerry No Crack has been hard at work getting the kitchen plumbing done. Looks like the kitchen floor is gone as well.

Hey, remember when I told you that the Mr. was building plumbing chases instead of running the pipes in the attic? Well, here's an example. Lots of open space for Gerry to run the pipes to the new boiler and then it just gets closed up when he's done.

Former closet in the family room. It will become a wall which will be a likely spot for a television.

Hmmm... I think this is supposed to show the plumbing chase to the new boiler, but I'm not seeing it.

Two brand new LiftMasters in the garage.

For the two new garage doors. All steel, all white, what else?

And that's a wrap.


  1. This summer we may have to pave our backyard - we're not going to have ANY water, so paving or astroturf might be our lawn-care solution (although that's a tad permanent, so maybe we'll just go for dust and dead grass this summer and hope for more water next summer!).

    -Dr. Liz, who has three different makes of garage door openers in her house, as they seem to get replaced only when the old ones die....

  2. Is the outside green? Our Mom likes the old style green. Hmmm, I suppose the blacktop yard would be good for patio furniture or basketball. Can't wait to see the grand finale.

    When you're done do you wanna stop by our house? We could keep you busy for awhile :)

  3. The flamingos are great! We can't wait to see them hanging out with Dexter in his yard!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Today I discovered a gnome surrounded by the flamingos.