Sunday, April 13, 2014

House 4, Week 8 - Patio Removal

I don't want to keep you in suspense.

Yes, the asphalt yard is gone! Sure, we might have been able to sell the house with a paved back yard, but the idea was just too much of an affront to the Mr. (and, I confess, to me as well). So he had the asphalt guy come in, break it up, and remove it. 


As long as we're outside, let's take a walk around the property.

Three more windows are in and Jimmy Scooby Doo was by with the boys to tidy up the yard as much as possible.

I was happy to discover there is, in fact, a yard and some stuff resembling grass as well.

 Now, here's a flashback to the before where you can see the dreaded wall of single paned, melt snow within a foot of the house, stupid glass.

No more! Now a nice, cozy bow window.

Plus new sliders in the back.

The back porch has been relieved of its 500 year old jalousie windows. I kind of like the open air feel, but the Mr. will be getting screens made.

Dumpster check! This is dumpster #2.

There was also some more of that invisible work going on (electrical and whatnot). But, not as dramatic to look at as dumpsters, right?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

House 4 Week 7 - Facelift

Another pop quiz this week. 

See if you can tell what is wrong with this picture.

If you guessed "there's a big freakin' hole in the front of the house" then you are correct.

The Mr. and his helpers removed the front windows and the Mr. is hard at work re-framing the opening to prepare it for the nice bay window waiting on the pallets.

Several neighbors walking ever so slowly by while I was there. Their eyes were popping out of their heads. "Oh, heck, will you look at that? I can see right in!"

That will complete the front of the house window work as the other new front windows are already in.

This is the master bedroom with one old window and one new window. New is better, I think.

Not even going to look under that blanket to see what's in the tub. I know, it's really only there to protect the tub during construction... really.

The bath is still a bit more open than I would care for, but at least all the plumbing is done.

The little kitchen island is all framed up with a nice trench to the left where Sparky ran power. 

The rear sliders are also out. Putting in the new slider shouldn't be too bad, but it will need to wait for that big hole in the front to get fixed.

Removal of the wood panelling in the family room reveals that Roy apparently played a part in putting it up.

With the snow finally melted, time for some chainsaw action around the perimeter.

Ugh. Can you believe it? The last person to paint the house didn't even bother to remove the shutters first. 


I relocated the garden gnome to the blueberry bed at our estate. Not sure if he will stay or not.

Now that I see it out of its environment, well, kind of ugly.