Monday, May 26, 2014

House 4, Week 14 - Siding, Siding, Siding

As with so many things in home improvements, jobs done well look easy. 

People will only notice if you screw up and typically have no idea what goes in to making something look right.

With that in mind, let's join the Mr. on his adventures in siding.

The first part is putting up the fascia (I only remember that term because it's the part of the stuff near the roof that "faces ya").

Given the wiggly roof line, just attaching the fascia to the edge isn't going to work if your goal is to have a nice, level look. So a painstaking journey around the house, measuring, cutting, nailing, putting up, taking down, so that the bottom of the fascia is straight and level (the jiggy jaggy top will be made to vanish as well).

Then there is the soffit. That's the horizontal part between the wall of the house and the edge of the roof. Also an adventure in making crooked look straight.

I found the Mr. in the garage, working with the brake. This tool is used to both bend and cut aluminum siding. See? You stick a piece in like this.

And then you bend it like that.

Sometimes there are measuring activities (don't worry, the Mr. doesn't really have a yellow head, I just forgot to balance the colors in the photo).

Then more bending (or possibly cutting).

Tape measure action shot!

Let's have a look at the front of the house. Very, very tricky endeavor with the siding. It has to look "wow" perfect, but there are all sorts of bends and twists and whatnot. 

Here you can see the fascia is up, the soffit is progressing (visible on the right) and the doorway is framed out. Just ignore the wooden posts. They are temporary.

Oh! It's white! What a surprise!

Look at how neat and pretty the completed part of the front is (and don't think it was easy for the Mr. to wrestle himself behind that bush to work on the siding - I think he spent two days wedging in and out of that space).

The Mr. also took a rainy day to put the required post in front of the boiler in the garage. Just in case, you know, somebody forgets to put the car in reverse before gunning the engine.

Lilies! Possibly blue or purple. They are headed to our estate to join the other lilies adopted from previous project houses.

Finally, dumpster check.

Oh, and a reminder that people have to actually pay to dump stuff. Apparently somebody thought our dumpster was an invitation to do their spring cleaning. Happens every time.


  1. Hope the people buying the Master's (and Momma) houses appreciate how well it's all done. Love the bay window. We have two. One in the kitchen around the sink (great for checking out what the dogs are up to, and a larger one in our bedroom. Master, a quick question if you have time. What would you suggest is best for kitchen bench tops. We're thinking of replacing ours which is laminate (I think). Cheers, Carol

    1. I'm assuming that you're talking about what we call here counter tops. My favorite material is solid surface acrylic. Corean is the big name around here. It cleans up easily and can be repaired on sight. Restaurants in this area are required to use it because it cleans so well.

  2. We like the shots of Master hard at work in his workshop and we like the house white. It will look sparkling clean and larger when its time to list it ☺