Saturday, July 26, 2014

House 4, Week 22 - We're Back in Action

Oops! Did you think we gave up? Nope. Circumstances have conspired to slow work down, but everything is back on track, so let's see where we're at.

Since it's been a while, here's a reminder before photo of the front of the house.

Now the siding is all sparkling and new, brand new windows, and a lot of the shrubs and whatnot removed from around the house (oh, yes, we also got rid of the snow).

Look at the happy front entry. Nice protected area to fuss with your keys and still stay out of the rain.

Big changes around back too. Note the original siding and spooky abandoned playground equipment.

Ta da! The porch looks lovely. 

Due to the configuration of the roof, the ground just outside the porch and garage doors becomes a mud pit when it rains. The Mr. framed in an area to dig out and fill with gravel to keep things nice and dry.

Jimmy and the boys are hard at work moving big piles of dirt and gravel to their new locations. 

Hey! Break time's over, you still have a lot of dirt to move!

The Mr. had to take a tree down because it was icky and hung precariously over the next door neighbor's property. Cutting it up is Jimmy's job. Always love a house where the back part of the property is wooded. Perfect place to dispose of brush and whatnot.

Remember the grossly energy inefficient wall of glass in the living room?

Not anymore! This windows are so snug they have stars on them.

James Himself will be scheduled to arrive soon to board and plaster. That will take care of the all the inappropriate access points between rooms.

Here's a clever piece of work. The Mr. is constructing a sub floor for the shower stall that is gently angled towards the drain. When the tile goes down, it will look level, but there won't be any puddles of standing water. Sweet.

Finally, the new windows in the garage. Because I think they are totally adorable.


  1. There are no gutters on the house?


    1. No gutters. The overhang is sufficient to keep rain and melting snow from being a problem. The first house we lived in had this design. It works great as long as you have the right ground material (ideally gravel) around the house.

  2. We don't have gutters on our house. Instead, we have six feet of metal on the bottom of the roof, so snow slides off, rather than than collecting (especially on the shady side of the house) and creating scary ice/snow build-ups. That shower thing is rather clever! And yes, wooded lots are very hand for disposing of 'what-not'. So are lime pits.... ;-)

    -Dr. Liz (and not Fiona, although she likes the snow sliding off the roof as opposed to the major Spring ice slide that was always Super Scary)

  3. As Dexter said, there's no need for gutter when you have a deep sofitt. I ran a French drain around the perimeter to keep any snow buildup or Carpenter ants away from the house.