Saturday, August 16, 2014

House 4, Week 25 - we have interior walls

While the Mr. builds kitchen cabinets in the barn, James Himself has been on the job hanging board and applying skim coat. At last, the bathroom now affords a bit of privacy as it is no longer open to the hallway.

See what I mean? Nicely done on the window, too. All ready to be trimmed out.

The family room also now enjoys a bit more privacy as the wall to the garage is all buttoned up.

The kitchen is starting to take shape. A cupboard for stackable washer / dryer combo and a handy pantry area.

Finally, a cozy little cubby for the boiler.

Once James Himself clears out, it will be time to hang the moldings. These ranch houses did not originally have any moldings, but they provide a nice finish that adds to the "Oh, wow, I so want to buy this house" factor.

Outside, Jimmy and the boys did a great job cleaning things up. A band of gravel around the foundation will absorb rainwater and snow melt.

Wee little tufts of baby grass on the former basketball court. At this stage, it is what it is and we will likely leave application of more seed as an exercise for the buyer.

Sweet gravel patio outside the porch and garage doors to absorb water and lower the likelihood of tracking in mud. 

Finally, some survivors of the big flamingo massacre standing watch over the lawn.