Saturday, March 28, 2015

House #4 Locked and Loaded

After multiple unavoidable delays, the house is finally (almost) good to go. The real estate agreement is signed and it's going on the market on Tuesday. There are a few details for the Mr. to see to before then, but things are close, very, very close. 

It's a wonderful little house in a great neighborhood. Were I a more rational person, I'd say we should sell our estate and move in to this brand new home. Unfortunately, the Mr. and I are both quite attached to our current domicile and will likely stay well beyond our ability to care for it. Oh well.

Let's get started. I'm not going to list all the stuff that's new. Just assume everything.

The front, before and after. Significantly more curb appeal.

Alert readers will recall that the backyard was about 50% pavement. Don't ask me why, but over the objections of both me and our realtor, the Mr. had it ripped up. I'm glad he did. Much better. 

Ready to go inside? I'm reposting this handy floor plan I, myself, drew for your convenience.

We'll start with the master bedroom and half bath.

Once you've seen one of the two smaller bedrooms, you've seen them all, so I'll limit myself to just one before and after. Heck, it isn't even the same room, but you get the idea. From yuck to yes.

Hardwood floors and new doors make the hallway snap!

The main bathroom. Oh look, I figured out how to do side by side photos. Good for me.

Now we're getting to the good stuff. Ready? The entryway.

Behold! The dining area (apologies for different angle).

The living room! Yeah, baby!

The playroom and back porch.

And now for the final portion of our story, let's revisit the kitchen, shall we? Check it out. 

Nice 1950's style. Loving the avocado cabinets and zippy table sticking out thing.

Wow! Weird photo trick. No, there is not a giant lampshade in the kitchen.

What? Is this the same room?

Oh, I think that kitchen deserves another shot, don't you? 

Don't worry about that empty cabinet, it's for the fridge.

Bonus photo of the island, complete with electrical outlet. Bring on the kitchen appliances!

What do you think? Pretty nice house, isn't it? Hoping for a quick sale so the Mr. can take that big bag of cash and do some nifty updates on our estate.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

House 4 - Week of Resumption of Blog Posts

What? Did you think I'd abandoned my blogging duties? Not true! The work had to be put on hold for a few months while the Mr. had a mechanical fault of his person attended to. Now he is back in action and things are, once again, moving along.

Since it's been, like, forever, since my last post, I will add a few "when last we checked" photos to help you get an idea of the progress.

The most striking improvement is that all the walls are up and plastered and the tiling is finished.

The shower stall in the small bathroom before....

And today!

Gerry (still no crack), the plumber, was getting ready to install the fixtures in the bathrooms.

Notice trim around the windows and above the baseboard heat. Lots of cut, measure, apply activities.

The interior doors are all hung and trimmed out.

The full bath is tiled, trimmed out, and painted. All that's left to do is install appliances and we can close the door on that room. 

Rugged tile floor in the entryway and also a strip of heating to warm your toes on when coming in from the great outdoors.

Sometimes there are mysterious markings on the walls which serve as coded communication between the Mr. and others on the job. I don't ask.

Poor Gerry No Crack has been itching to add a kick heater to every kitchen so far. He finally got his wish. Given the fact that this kitchen is larger than in the other houses, combined with no place to run baseboard, a little foot warmer for under the sink seemed appropriate.

As for the rest of the kitchen, the cabinet work is underway in the Mr.'s barn, but some of them have already been completed and await installation.

Remember the icky three season porch? Like yuck, am I right?

Yuck no more! All clean and sparkly with a waterproof vinyl finish and new screens.

There was some debate regarding the basketball sized part of the yard that had been paved over by the previous owner. I wanted to leave it, the realtor wanted to leave it, the Mr. said "no."

It did cost a few unexpected dollars to rip it up and remove it. I'm not sure anybody will pay those extra dollars to avoid having a paved back yard, but now that I see it with happy green grass I think that it was the right decision. 

Just a reminder of the early status of the front of the house....

And the cheerful facade it now presents...

Back yard flamingos still keeping watch.

So now you're all up to date, OK? It's actually pretty darn close to completion. Flooring, paint, kitchen cabinets, final plumbing and electric, and a little this and that and we're good to go. The holidays might cause some missed days, but overall, the end is in sight.